The ideal tool for parents

We are parents just like you, and we know how hard it is to find reliable help when we need it. We have built a rigors screening process for the babysitters, to help us all to find the best Sitters and, a straightforward App to make your procedure of choice even more natural, fast and safe.

Our parents

  • I always use ClickSitter services, and the babysitters who have come here are very efficient and attentive. For mothers who need help sporadically, it is excellent and really reliable! I am happy with the service provided! Super recommend the app!
    Marilia R.
    Sao Paulo, BR
  • I could always count on the help of my mother-in-law and mother. One day I needed help with my daughters, and the grandparents could not help me. I overcame my barrier and called a babysitter through the ClickSitter .... I was positively surprised! We have used it several times since then. Now I know that I can always count on the help of ClickSitter.
    Beatriz B.
    Sao Paulo, BR
  • I do not worry about having a critical appointment any more, and I do not have anyone to leave the children with. And best of all is to know that they also enjoy the care and attention given by babysitters. Nowadays they ask me when I'm going out to call the babysitter again! A relief to me that do not have family around.
    Virginia P.
    Sao Paulo, BR

Our App

  • Spotlight Babysitter

    ClickSitter Home Screen will always show the TOP 5 babysitters in your neighbourhood. For each one of then you will be able to see the profile, experience, skill badges, and most important the reviews from other families.

  • Recent Bookings

    You will be able to follow-up all your request (job offers). The status and all the details that only you have access.

  • Visual Design

    We build our app to give you a straightforward experience. Simple, easy and reliable.

Designed for parents, to parents

We design our App to bring you the skills of the babysitters, years of experience and most important the other Families Review.

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Built from parents to parents

We found ClickSitter because we needed help, so we created a rigorous screening process for Sitters.

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Skill Badges

From CPR to Disability certification. We identify the skills of the Sitters to help you find the best fit for you.

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