One of the central dilemmas in the education of children happens when it comes to establishing the boundaries between having a loving relationship and, at the same time, respectful and friendly. Everyone wants to show affection and approach to their children without making them confuse these gestures with excessive permissiveness. To help you with this mission of learning how to be friends with your child without losing your authority, even in the most challenging times, we separate some tips that will make a difference in your daily life. Check it!

Do not confuse authority with authoritarianism

The first step is to know how to separate these two notions that are entirely different. An authoritarian person is someone intolerant, who gives orders and poses as the holder of reason and power. Strict parents educate children by threat, repression, and violence. Authority, however, is the figure of one who has experience and wisdom and, therefore, educates through dialogue, understanding, and exchange. To exercise your authority as a father and mother are to know how to teach your child the limits and why it is essential to respect them. Authority is used knowing how to put it, without losing the tenderness.

Be a good example

One of the best ways to educate is being an example. It is not right when you reprimand your child for some behavior that is also yours. This advice is to avoid lies, deception, and games that deceive the child. It disrupts development and makes it believe that it is natural to do so. Also, of course, this attitude will break the trust between you and your child.
Another point is to know the time to apologize and acknowledge your own mistakes. When you commit a fault, do not be afraid to apologize. This is a gesture of humility, which will horizontalize the relationship between you.

Do not give in to emotional cries and blackmail

What one strategy for not letting your child commands you is to know the right time to say no, no matter how often it is painful – especially for first-time moms! But remember: just saying yes and spoiling too much hinders the child’s creation. The “no”; usually comes accompanied by the child’s crying and throwing a tantrum. Do not give in. Know how to be firm in purpose, but do not appeal to swearing. Before that, talk to your child and explain to him the reasons for not.

Bet on the dialogue

As clichĂ© as this tip may seem, it should not be forgotten! Good dialogue is the basis of a relationship of trust. After all, friends talk and understand each other, do not they? If you are wondering how to be a friend of your child, start welcoming them and listen to what they have to say. Asking how the child feels in the face of situations is very important for his or her to learn how to work out his or her emotions and see you as a friend. Also, behind all the tips, there must be fundamental: love. Each of these tips only works if there is much love! This is the most magical ingredient for a healthy and harmonious creation. Play, smile and have fun with your child!

So, did you like our advice? Leave a comment telling about your experience in raising your child and your difficulties in being friends with him!